Folding arm awnings
from markilux

Folding arm awnings.
High quality solar protection "100% Made in Germany"

markilux offers the best retractable and extendable awnings in various modern styles and colours to suit your home entertainment and outdoor areas. We provide an extensive range of folding arm awnings from motorised, retractable patio awnings, open space and conservatory awnings as well as screens and blinds. 

Made in Germany with the highest quality materials, markilux awnings are custom-designed for the Australian climate and love for the outdoors lifestyle. Our awnings are durable, providing resistance from extreme weather – shielding all underneath from rain and harmful rays from the sun with a protection factor up to SPF 50+. Installation is exclusively handled by our team of professional, trained installers with upmost safety and to seamlessly blend with the surroundings of your home. 

 Discover our markilux range and call us now to find out more.

The sun smiles down on an awning. Life smiles on you under a markilux.
Hours of relaxation and recuperation or get-togethers with family and friends, these are those precious moments when you can live your outdoor life to the full. Designer awnings from markilux not only give you shade, they offer new opportunities to enjoy life. They provide protection on hot days and make for a cosy ambience long after the sun has set. In choosing a markilux designer awning, you are opting for the very best quality “Made in Germany” – and for endless hours of light-hearted fun outdoors.

A long-serving, weatherproof folding-arm or pergola awning from markilux, the market leader in awnings, enlarges your living area in an aesthetically pleasing and technically attractive way. by virtue of its stability, even in wind and light rain if set at the correct pitch, our classic patio and balcony awnings as well as our side blinds can be counted on to protect you reliably.

And, fitted with first-class accessories such as well-designed LED lighting or powerful heaters, these markilux awnings create a cosy atmosphere on your patio or balcony even long after the sun has disappeared below the horizon.

The decision to choose a markilux designer awning is a decision to opt for optimum quality - and a stylish shading solution that allows you to enjoy carefree hours in your favourite spot outdoors - your whole life long. Do browse through our range of products and configure an awning that meets your taste and requirements to a T.


Cassette awnings

  • markilux MX-1 compact

  • markilux mx-2

  • markilux 6000

  • markilux 5010

  • markilux 970

  • markilux MX-3

  • markilux 990

  • markilux 3300

  • markilux 1710

markilux cassette awnings, manually or electrically operated
When the awning is retracted, the cassette completely encompasses the cover and technology and provides optimum protection against wind and weather.

Find a cassette awning


Semi-cassette awnings / Open style awnings

  • markilux 1600

  • markilux 930

  • markilux 1700

  • markilux 1300

Semi-cassette and open style awnings
The cover is only partly protected or not at all. Perfect, particularly for use on patios and balconies not exposed to the weather.

Find a semi-cassette & open style awning

Mix and match without limitation

and as an alternative to a cassette / open style awning

  • markilux pergola stretch

  • wind protection and extra privacy

  • markilux pergola classic

  • markilux pergola cubic

  • markilux pergola compact

  • Free-standing awning systems

  • Glass roof awnings

Pure. Tension.
A whole awning life long.

markilux folding-arm technology
markilux Cassette awnings, semi-cassette awnings and open style awning systems are highly durable, virtually noiseless and always perfectly geared to provide optimum cover tension.

  • The profiles of markilux folding-arm awnings are made of extremely robust, extruded aluminium. They are powder coated in façade quality.

  • The hinge joints in the folding arms are made of drop-forged aluminium. Consequently, markilux folding arms for patio and balcony awnings are highly resistant to failure.

  • The pivot bolts in these markilux awnings are made of stainless steel and are seated in Teflon-coated bronze bushes. As a result, markilux folding arms are practically maintenance free, virtually silent and are subject to very little wear and tear.

  • Depending on the model, the power transference to the front profile which provides optimum cover tension is in many cases carried out by the innovative bionic tendon.. The markilux bionic tendon is made from highly tear-resistant high-tech fibres. It is friction free, silent, non corroding and UV resistant - and independently tested by the Fraunhofer Institute.  As an alternative to the bionic tendon, some models are available with twin round steel-link chains.


markilux bionic tendon
The bionic tendon made of high-tech fibres, which was developed by markilux and is based on technologies found in nature, ensures the arms deliver optimum power to the front profile while being virtually silent and friction free. Its safety record and long service life are exemplary and it keeps the awning cover in your folding-arm cassette, semi-cassette or open style awning under perfect tension.

Zwillings-Rundstahlgliederkette lagert geschützt in den Gelenkarmen

Twin steel-link chain
On the market for decades and proven in all types of weather: the twin round steel-link chains lie protected in the folding arms.


LED Lines in the folding arms
A highlight that provides many an enjoyable moment. The dimmable LED Lines set the scene on your patio long after the sun has retired for the night.

offered by markilux

Ausstattung Bedienung Sonnen-Windsensor MX-1 compact-202104


Ausstattung 970 Farbe


Ausstattung MX-3 LED-Line 202104


Ausstattung Wärme 202104 Kopie


Ausstattung 5010-Schattenplus 202104


Ausstattung-930 Montage 202104

Fixture methods

Which awning best suits your patio and / or balcony?

The enormous choice available in patio and balcony awnings very often leads to the question: "Which awning is the right one for me?". We are not able to answer this question definitively here and now, but we are pleased, if by offering you the following tips, we can help you make the right decision. If you intend to buy an awning, you should take the following factors into consideration:

And in which direction does your patio or balcony face? These factors decide how big the awning needs to be and which type of awning from our range is most suitable. We have a solar protection solution for every application: with face, top or roof timber fixture as well as free-standing solutions and which meet different width and projection requirements.

How wide should an awning be?

Whether cassette or open style awning, the frame and bracketry of your patio and / or balcony awning will be manufactured by us individually to order. The highly trained technicians of our specialist dealers will take precise measurements on site and take every aspect into consideration before their plans are turned into an awning in our own production facility.

But, if you should wish to know in advance how wide your awning ought to be, the following will give you an indication:

  • If you are trying to determine the ideal width of an awning then first decide precisely which area you would like to shade. In the case of patios and balconies with a large area, it is conceivable, for example, that only the dining or lounge area is shaded.

  • But, the width and projection of an awning also play an important role as far as the overall appearance is concerned: As a rule one can say, that a patio awning that spans the whole area of the patio is visually more appealing than a small one that only covers part of it.

  • By forming a row out of a number of awnings, it is possible to realise solar protection solutions for patios and balconies of above average size.

  • Make use of our markilux App. This application for smartphones and tablets makes it possible for you to project a patio or balcony awning directly onto the façade of your own home using the latest Augmented Reality technology. The App is free of charge and simple to use. It will visualise the dream awning you have configured for yourself on the basis of global sun trajectory and geo-data and show you the amount of shade thrown by your awning at any time of the day.

The dimensions you have entered will essentially be decisive in determining which awning models from our range are available to choose from. If you are unsure of your options, take any questions you may have to a markilux specialist dealer near you. Using our special sun compass, they will also calculate - aside from the ideal width - the best orientation of your awning and whether an additional shadeplus system, as vertical shading when the sun is low in the sky, is to be recommended.

The biggest differences between folding-arm awnings and pergola awnings lie in the their different design features and how one intends to use them. While in the former it is robust folding arms that ensure that the cover is completely taut when the awning is fully extended, in the latter it is guide tracks supported by posts fitted to concrete footings or ballast boxes that assume this role. 

Depending on the model, in markilux folding-arm awnings either twin steel-link chains or the patented bionic tendon are used to ensure strength and a long service life. Our pergola awnings are more stable and can be used in rougher weather as they are certified to a higher wind resistance class. In this awning type, a guide track system is used to support the cover and assist in tensioning it. The option to choose telescopic posts in our pergola awnings makes it possible to reduce the pitch needed to ensure good water drainage to a minimum.

Face and top fixture are available in both awning types. Equally, in most models, optional accessories such as a vertically descending privacy-ensuring and glare-inhibiting blind (shadeplus), LED lighting and heaters are also available.

Are you are on the lookout for a suitable awning for your conservatory or would you like to fit an awning underneath your glass canopy? If so, send a member of our end consumer service team a mail or give them a call so they can give you the benefit of their expert advice and explain the unique characteristics and advantages of our conservatory and underglass awnings in detail.

Electrically operated awnings for patio and balcony: that is pure luxury. The advantages of electrically operated awnings are pretty obvious:

  • They can be extended and retracted by radio remote control or by smart phone.

  • Electrically operated awnings that have been fitted with a wind and rain sensor will also retract automatically in bad weather.

  • In the case of electrical awnings for patio and balcony, any integrated lighting and heating accessories can also be operated remotely.

  • Some special electric markilux awning models can be fitted with environmentally friendly solar cell-operated motors.

  • In a few models, particularly quiet motors employing markilux silentec technology are optionally available.

But, should you still want a manually operated awning with crank handle, we are perfectly willing to manufacture this for you as well. And a combination of both operations types is also perfectly conceivable - for example in awnings with the shadeplus system, which is a blind that drops vertically from the front profile and which can be either manually or electrically operated, depending on the model. Our local specialist dealer or the trained in-house personnel in our end consumer service can explain to you over the 'phone or by mail which solution is ideal for you. Just visit the showroom of one of our specialist dealers and allow him or her to give you the benefit of their advice.

Whether you wish to protect yourself against low-lying sun, the wind or inquisitive glances, side screens are the ideal choice. Use our practical side screens as sliding, vertically moving or fixed textile partitions, too.

The markilux range of awnings boasts high quality, aesthetically appealing products perfect for shading you from the side: Our side screens, just like our folding-arm and pergola awnings, are made to measure. For you this means: Whatever size, shape or colour you wish your vertical shading to be, we can manufacture it uniquely for you. Vertical roller blinds with a PVC panorama window are available from us, too.

Configure your own, completely individual awning solution with us now, online!

If you have questions concerning the cost of an awning or its installation, it is best that you ask one of our specialist dealers to give you a personal quotation. Every markilux awning is made to measure and configured to meet your personal requirements so a general price indication is not possible.

Pay a visit to the showroom of one of our local specialist dealers to get an impression of the quality and unique design of our patio and balcony awnings. Our highly competent markilux specialist dealers would be more than pleased to welcome you and give you the benefit of their expert advice. They will gladly answer any questions you may have with regard to the design and technology of our awnings and detail the accessory options available with each model. Should you wish to proceed, he will make an appointment to view the installation site and suggest how the process could be taken forward. Then, he will make you an individual offer which will include the cost of the awning and its installation.

Our trained and qualified partners will offer you a complete service: Planning, delivery and installation. There is only one thing left for you to do: Enjoy to the full the improved quality of life that your new markilux patio or balcony awning has brought you. Now, please do get in touch with us or with your local markilux specialist dealer!