Motor drives and remote controls for your Motorized awning system

markilux hand-held remote controls allow you to operate your electric automatic awning comfortably, at the touch of a button. They are available in two different versions: as a 1 channel and 4 channel version in 433 MHz technology. The attractive shape and ergonomic design characterise these elegant and easily operated hand-held remote controls. Allow yourself the extra comfort you should enjoy with markilux's electric awnings.

For the motor drive, you only need a power connection outdoors. There is the possibility to control the motor via a switch from the inside - this means the electric awning gets wired into the switch by an electrician. If you have a home automation system, there are a few different possibilities available with markilux motorised awnings. Ask your installer for all the options available.

Why choose a motorized electric awning?

  • A motor automatically extends and retracts an awning efficiently and quietly.

  • Guaranteed closure every time, prevent fabric deterioration when it’s protected by the cassette.

  • Avoid fabric stretching by limiting the stress on the fabric.

  • Have your perfect extension set to your specifications, always extend to the same position.

  • Optionally available with a wind sensor, a rain sensor and a sun sensor.

  • Remove any ugly manual winder connectors.

  • Eliminate manual labour and operate your awning automatically with the touch of a button.

Radio Controlled options, 433 MHz

  1. markilux hand-held remote control (1 channel) allows you to operate your motorisedawning in comfort and style with an elegant and easy to operate controller.

  2. markilux hand-held remote control (4 channel) allows you to operate your automaticelectric awning and selected special equipment with ease which gives you the control toenhance your environment no matter the weather!

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