A clear view outside without loss of privacy

With markilux vertical textile shading systems, it is always possible to have a good view outside but you are protected against unwanted glances from outside, at the same time. Moreover, depending on your choice of fabric quality, you can decide exactly how much light you allow into the kitchen, lounge or bathroom. With a broad choice of models, fabric colours and patterns, you can select precisely the right window blind that is perfect for both you and your home. That's a good outlook, don't you think?

markilux 790

Side screen

It protects from sunlight, when the sun is low and comes from the side. From prying eyes in the same position. And from wind: The markilux 790 is a perfect standby-side-screen. It comes in a compact cassette that gets fitted vertically to the wall.

markilux 790

Vertical Blinds

The blind cover passes in front of the window vertically over its entire height and offers ideal protection against inquisitive glances and the glare of the sun. When retracted, it is protected from wind and weather in the fully enclosed cassette and when extended is perfectly tensioned.


markilux Shadeplus

Simply block out the glare from a low-lying sun and the glances of inquisitive neighbours and capture the warmth of the day in the evening. The additional awning cover is lowered vertically downwards from the front profile to create a wonderfully private room outdoors. Depending on the model, it is also available with a hard-wired motor or with remote control.