Always by your side.

There are few outdoor seating areas that are protected on all sides from sun and inquisitive glances. At markilux we are always looking to improve your quality of life and with the 790 side screen this is easily achievable. The robust, compact cassette can be mounted easily and it can be extended in one movement. The markilux 790 is always by your side, when or wherever you need it.


extension: max. 450 cm

height: 90 cm – 250 cm

A broad range of brackets For any situation markilux has an apt installation option.

mobilfix The moving support post with granite baseplate stands secure, wherever you want it to.

Sloping top edge The cover is available with a sloping top edge which can be adapted to the pitch of your markilux awning. It creates a beautiful, enclosed and protected area free from prying eyes and the glare of the sun.