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Hours of relaxed recreation or being together with family and friends, these are precious moments when your life takes place outside. Designer awnings from markilux not only provide shade, they open up new ways to enjoy life.

They offer protection on hot days and create a comfortable atmosphere even when the sun has long since set. The decision for a markilux designer awning is a decision for best quality "Made in Germany" - and for many carefree hours outdoors.

Discover our awning range now and get a first impression of our exclusive folding-arm awnings, pergola awnings, conservatory awnings and more! An awning as an architectural statement? Absolutely! In addition to their primary function as sun protection, markilux awnings are a true visual enhancement to your home. In terms of design, material quality and technology, our awnings are the first choice if you are looking for high-quality, durable and aesthetic sun protection without compromise.

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Buying an awning is not an everyday issue. Once you have decided on a markilux awning, it will give you decades of pleasure. Because we have high quality standards for our awnings and process high-quality materials to produce long-lasting products.

In order for you to be able to find the right awning for you, we have developed helpful tools.

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If you are looking for your dream awning, the markilux awning finder offers you a quick and easy way to find the right awning model. In addition to size, there are many other factors to consider when choosing an awning, such as the additional special equipment options or the visual integration into the architecture of your home. With the awning finder from markilux, you can call up compact or detailed information on all products and narrow down the selection using filters.

The awning finder from markilux offers numerous advantages when searching for the right folding arm, window, vertical or pergola awning. Operation is simple and intuitive, many equipment variants and awning sizes are available, and you get an orderly overview of all available awning models. In addition, a quick and direct comparison of the awnings is possible.

In addition, in the awning finder, you can directly access our

markilux awning configurator
. This is another useful tool that allows you to further plan and configure your selected awning. In addition, you can also use the sun compass and the markilux awning app to visualize your new awning before it is installed on your house wall.

If you would like personal advice, you can contact your local markilux dealer directly. Thanks to the markilux awning finder and the many tools and functions at your disposal, you are guaranteed to find the perfect awning for your needs and preferences.

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Our markilux awnings: an overview

Our awnings are available as textile shade-givers in numerous different designs. They are most commonly, although not exclusively, used as the following:

Most awnings consist of a metal frame, i.e. a cassette, folding arms, guide tracks or ropes, of an awning cover as well as of different optional accessories, such as wind and rain sensors.

All markilux awnings are made to measure. This means that the awning is produced to fit a precise location. In this way, patios, balconies and other areas can be individually shaded as required. The colour of the frame and awning fabric of custom-made awnings can also be freely selected. In this way, optimal sun protection and an individual design are achieved to suit the particular location and its style.

The covers of most awnings can be retracted and extended. Depending on the model and equipment, an awning can be opened or closed manually with a crank handle or electrically with a motor.

Do you want to know more about our awnings? Then read on!

Folding-arm awnings

The folding-arm awning is the most popular awning and is most often used on terraces and balconies. It provides the ideal sun protection and also protects against light rain. In this type of awning, the two folding arms pull the awning cover away from the so-called roller tube, which tightens the fabric cover.

The types of folding-arm awnings are divided into:

Full cassette awnings

Semi-cassette awnings

Open folding-arm awning

The markilux MX-2 with LED lighting, silver frame colour and light fabric in the evening.
  • Full cassette awnings

  • Open folding-arm awning

Conservatory awnings

Conservatories and covered terraces combine the best of indoors and outdoors. So that you can enjoy precious moments without restriction, markilux designer awnings protect conservatories and patio roofs from strong sunlight. Mounted either on top of or underneath the glass roof, they ensure a pleasant climate and reliable glare protection.

Basically, the following conservatory awnings are distinguished

On-glass awnings

Underglass awnings

Image of an extended mx 7800 glass awning with beige fabric cover and anthracite-colored frame in front of a white modern house. The awning provides shade for a group of tables below.
  • On-glass awning

Wind and privacy protection

The stylish privacy and windbreak solutions from markilux are simply part of an atmospheric summer on the balcony and terrace. After all, there are only a few outdoor seating areas that are protected on all sides from the sun, wind and prying eyes.


Side protection from low sun

For privacy in your garden

Protection from wind

Flexible to use

Wind-Sichtschutz markilux 790-6000-Backsteinkubus 202104
  • markilux format

  • markilux 790

Vertical blainds

The vertical blaind awnings from markilux offer a wealth of advantages over conventional shading systems. They effectively protect you from the sun's glare and prevent your premises from heating up in a climate-friendly manner. At the same time, markilux vertical blaind awnings bathe your interiors in soft daylight without completely blocking out the sun. Translucent awning fabrics allow a view of the outdoors while protecting you from outside gazes.

The types of vertical blainds are distinguished into

Vertical cassette awnings

Drop arm cassette awning


Triangular blind

Window shading / Vertical roller blinds
  • Vertical cassette awnings

  • Drop-arm cassette awnings

  • Markisolette

  • Triangular awning

Pergola awnings

The pergola awnings convince with their stable construction. This makes them particularly suitable for large areas. Due to the lateral fabric guidance, they offer optimal sun and weather protection up to a wind strength of 6. In addition, they can be equipped with many extra options such as wind and privacy, light or infrared heaters.


Large size sunshade

High wind stability

Perfect outdoor ambience thanks to additional equipment

Wide range of design options

markilux pergola cubic in gray with green cloth on a terrace
  • markilux pergola style

  • markilux pergola classic

  • markilux pergola cubic

  • markilux pergola compact

  • markilux pergola stretch

Freestanding awnings

The free-standing awning systems from markilux enable use even away from a building. This means that any favorite spot - whether in the middle of the garden, by the pool or pond - can be permanently, high-quality and safely shaded.

The types of freestanding awnings are divided into

Textile weather protection roof

Stand system

Awning parasol

Free-standing awning system markilux markant with lighting and infrared heater at a pool in the evening.
  • markilux markant

  • markilux planet

  • markilux syncra

Clamp awning

The markilux 900 clamp awning is particularly suitable for shading balconies in urban areas. Due to the uncomplicated installation with clamping columns, which only need to be fixed with a few screws, the awning can often also be used on balconies in rented apartments. This is because, unlike classic folding-arm awnings, the fixing only has a minimal impact on the building structure. This means that the awning can be easily removed if you move house.


Easy installation thanks to clamping mechanism

Ideal for shading rented and owner-occupied apartments

Unobstructed view with full shading

Alternative mounting via top fixture bracket possible

Side view from the inside of a modern, large balcony on which a markilux 900 clamp awning is clamped between the floor and ceiling in front of the balcony parapet. The awning with green fabric cover is extended. In the background you can see apartment buildings and a town in the distance.
View from inside onto a modern, large balcony on which a markilux 900 clamp awning is clamped between the floor and ceiling in front of the balcony parapet. The awning with green fabric cover is extended and provides an unobstructed view of trees in the foreground and a city in the background.
Side view of a modern apartment building with several balconies, each equipped with a markilux 900 clamp awning. The awnings are visually uniform with green fabric cover. The inclination angle of the awning differs depending on the balcony.
Detailed view of the half-opened full cassette of the clamp awning markilux 900. The stone-grey metallic-colored awning is attached with clamping columns between the balcony ceiling and the floor.

Equipment options of markilux awnings
Exclusive awnings made to measure

At markilux you can order exclusive custom awnings that you can configure individually. Choose the size of the awning, the frame color, the cover pattern and optional equipment options.

In addition, the high-quality accessories add that extra touch to your awning and include motor drives, remote controls, LED lighting, smart controls and more.

Every markilux awning is custom-made, not only in size and color, but also in terms of equipment options. Our range of optional awning accessories offers you a variety of design options such as bright chrome elements, panoramic windows, valances, and more.

All further details can be found in our overview of available equipment or on the individual equipment pages for the various options.

To the complete overview of the equipment

Quality & Design.
markilux designer awnings. Made to measure. Made in Germany.

With markilux designer awnings, the focus is on the perfect feel-good atmosphere.

For 50 years, the play of light and shade has been optimized and individualized. The custom-made sun protection solutions

Made in Germany
are the result of demand, motivation and innovation. The goal is perfect implementation down to the smallest detail.

At markilux you will find the best solution for a beautiful shade in the garden, at the house or on the terrace and balcony.

markilux awning tools.
Use our various markilux awning tools to make the right decision.

Through our years of experience as awning experts, we have developed many useful tools over the years that should make choosing the right awning as easy as possible for you:

  • With the markilux awning comparison you can easily & quickly compare all awning models and find the right one for you.
  • With the markilux awning configurator you individualize the awning, according to your very own wishes and can request it directly from the specialist partner.
  • With the markilux Augmented Reality App you can individualize your desired awning and visualize it live on your house wall using the latest AR technology.
  • With our markilux awning fabric finder you can overview our entire awning fabric range and order fabric samples directly to your home.

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about awnings

The awning draw refers to the retractable and extendable part of an awning, which is covered with awning fabric. As a rule, the draw is defined as a value when specifying the dimensions of awnings. Thus, two of the most important size specifications you should consider when buying an awning are the width and the extension.

The valance of an awning is the fabric hanging vertically from the front profile. On the one hand, the valance serves as a decorative element and accordingly exists in different designs, such as in straight or wave form.

On the other hand, the valance also serves as vertical sun protection, but quickly reaches its limits in this function due to its often narrow design. If you want better protection from the low sun, we recommend markilux shadeplus - the perfect complement for your patio awning.

Instead of asking how big an awning should be, we recommend a different method of determining the right awning size. Use the following questions and hints to find the right size for your awning:

  • How big is the area you want to shade?

  • Where is the area (terrace, balcony, etc.) that you would like to shade, or from which direction and at what time of day does the sun hit this area?

Before you reach for paper, ruler and calculator, why not try out our practical sun compass? With this tool you can determine the shade and thus the ideal size of your planned awning - depending on the compass direction and incidence of light - with just a few clicks.

If you are faced with the question "Which awning color is best?", the following points can help you decide:

  • What awning color to choose - from a practical point of view? As a rule, dark, muted colors are less sensitive than bright, bright colors. However, you by no means have to choose the color for your awning according to this principle! The high-quality markilux awning fabrics are highly water and dirt repellent. Thanks to their excellent properties, they are hard-wearing and particularly durable in any color version. So thanks to the high quality of markilux awning fabrics, you can choose the awning color that suits your taste.
  • Which color to choose for an awning - from a design perspective? markilux awnings are available in every conceivable color and with various patterns. Even color and other design requests that are not available in our standard range can be realized on request. Considering this large selection, the question naturally arises: which awning color is best? Try to find a color that you like and that matches the color of your home. In doing so, the awning can happily harmonize or deliberately contrast with the color of the wall plaster, window and door frames, and even other design elements such as the patio floor. But what to do if your taste or even the color of the facade of your home changes and the awning frame color no longer fits? That's no reason to worry! After all, you can simply have your markilux awning re-covered after a few years. Why not order some of our fabric samples to get a live impression of the colors, their intensity and the feel of our awning fabrics.

Awnings with stripes - it can hardly be more classic. But why are many awnings striped? This design could prevail for several reasons:

Stripes in different colors create a fabric surface on which impurities are less visible and disturbing.

The striped pattern enables particularly clean cut-off and connection points.

Striped fabrics are associated with vacation, sea, beach, leisure, which is why they are particularly popular for awnings. Demand determines the supply.

Nevertheless, there are definitely other colors and patterns for awnings. In the markilux awning cover assortment you will find about 200 fabric patterns, including special design covers, designed by the experts at markilux. In addition, we also realize your very individual color wishes on request according to RAL. You can also order awning pieces with logo print for gastronomy and hotel business. Browse our range of awning fabrics now.

Like so many other questions about awnings, this one cannot be answered in a general way. Which awning fabric is best depends on the area of application and your individual preferences and needs.

In the exclusive markilux awning fabric range, you will find the right awning fabric for every wish: whether light transmission, air permeability, waterproof or flame retardant. Find the right fabric now with the markilux awning fabric finder!

When it comes to the professional and safe installation of awnings, you should only turn to professionals. You can rely on the certified markilux specialist partners when you want to have an awning installed.

The trained markilux specialist partners will take measurements at your site and advise you on all aspects of our awnings. They will take care of the quotation as well as the delivery and professional installation of your new markilux awning.

Use our specialist partner search to find out where your nearest markilux specialist partner is located.

Similar to installation, you can also contact a markilux specialist partner in your area with confidence when re-stretching your markilux awning. They will show you our current fabric collection and help you choose the right awning fabric.

Our specialist partners will also help you if you need spare parts for your markilux awning or if you want to retrofit your awning with optimum accessories such as a rain sensor, sun and wind sensors or a motors.

Find your nearest specialist partner now and get in touch.

With many markilux awnings, it is possible to convert a manual awning into an electric awning. If you would like to retrofit your awning with a motors, it is best to contact your nearest markilux specialist partner. They will advise you on the possibilities, prepare a quotation for you and also take care of the professional installation of the motors.

Are you also interested in other accessories, such as awning lighting, radiant heaters, rain sensor, sun and wind monitor? Or would you like to control your electric awning via smartphone app? Feel free to contact us or our specialist partners with any questions.

When planning an awning, you should, of course, consider the height. Not only the height of the cassette is relevant, but also the inclination angle of the awning when extended. You should therefore take the latter into account. As a guideline, it is recommended to calculate with a headroom of approx. 2 m at an inclination of approx. 15 degrees for extended awnings.

In the markilux range you will also find special awnings with a particularly large inclination angle.

Electric awning, of course, requires a motor that is connected to a power source. This motor makes the awning extend and retract automatically. Electric awnings can be controlled by wall switch, remote control or even by smartphone app.

Likewise, electric awnings can be equipped with various accessories for even more comfort, including:

+ rain sensor

+ sun sensor

+ wind monitor

These accessories extend or retract your awning independently depending on the weather conditions and are therefore a very practical addition to the basic equipment. Explore now the possibilities around awning accessories that the electric awnings from markilux offer you.

When you buy a markilux awning, you will hardly have to ask yourself this question. Because the exclusive markilux awnings are equipped with a special awning fabric with a self-cleaning effect. The highlight: If water drops hit the awning cover, they absorb dirt particles and roll off.

If you still need to clean your awning, the following procedure is recommended:

Remove loose dirt, such as dust or damp leaves, with a soft brush.

Small stains that have settled can be treated carefully with a 5 percent soap solution (max. water temperature 30 degrees Celsius).

Awnings can certainly withstand light drizzle. However, in heavy rain you should retract your awning to protect the awning fabric, folding arms and the technology.

In the case of pergola awnings, you can lower a pillar and thus drain off the rainwater in a guided manner. Awning systems from markilux even have special holes in the awning fabric and front gutters in the frame through which the water can run off.

Awnings can withstand isolated rain showers. In the long run, permanent moisture can damage the awning fabric, frame and technology. Therefore, you should also allow a wet awning to dry completely before retracting it.

Depending on the variant (brand, model, optimal options such as trackfix) awnings withstand weak or strong wind. What is the stability of an awning, as a rule, can be found in the product description.

The markilux awnings are assigned to wind resistance classes. For example, an awning with wind resistance class 3 can withstand wind strength 6.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the subject of wind strength. Contact us directly or get in touch with a markilux specialist partner near you.