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under the sun. 

Which awning is right for you? 

Find it with the markilux awning finder 

When you ask which awning you should buy, there is a lot more to consider besides simply the right size. The ideal awning not only offers you optimum protection from the sun and privacy, but also visually matches the architecture of your home. 

As experienced awning specialists, we know that the decision which awning to buy is not always easy with our range being so wide. That is why we would like to give you the best possible support in your search for your dream awning. With our awning finder, the “WAYN” Guide, we guide you step by step through the selection process and limit the product range based on your answers. The final conclusion will have taken into account your preferences and needs as well as our expertise. 

Which awning for terrace, balcony, conservatory, window? 

An awning that suits you both in terms of operation and style is an asset in every respect: it is an eye-catcher in both the retracted and extended state. On sunny days it provides a cool shade, in a gentle breeze it offers a sheltered retreat and as a 

Protection against prying eyes 

. Depending on the used 

awning fabric 

it can even regulate the temperature in your interior efficiently. With additional, optional awning accessories, it leaves almost nothing to be desired. 

Which of these characteristics are particularly important to you? The markilux awning finder uses your answers to determine which awning suits you best. You will see: with markilux you do not have to make any compromises, because we have the right solution for many requirements in the private and in the 

commercial field 


markilux awning finder: thanks to simple operation, quickly find the awning you want 

The markilux awning finder offers you the following advantages when looking for the right flding-arm, window, vertical or pergola awning: 

  • Simple and intuitive operation 

  • Numerous equipment variants and awning sizes can be selected 

  • Orderly overview of all awning models 

  • Fast and direct comparison of the awnings 

The markilux online awning configurator, with which you can further plan and configure the awning determined here, is also helpful when planning your new awning. You can also try our 

Sun compass 

as well as the 

awning app 

with which you can visualize your new markilux awning on your house wall before it is installed. Would you like personal consultation? Feel free to contact your 

local markiux specialist dealer