Outdoor blinds

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An awning for your windows

Outdoor blinds are a necessity in Australia, with our harsh Aussie sun, providing sun protection for your whole family is a high priority. Outdoor blinds will help you make the most of summer. They will help you enjoy summer safely, without the worries of sun damage to your family.

We all love it when the warmer weather rolls around but that doesn’t mean we want to risk our health through too much exposure. Creating outdoor shaded areas, as well as providing protection inside, ensures you can keep enjoying the great weather throughout summer as well as staying cool.

Outdoor blinds can be stylish as well as functional. There are plenty of designs for any style of home as well as a wide range of different materials to choose from, enabling you to find something to match the rest of your décor.

When you choose to purchase outdoor blinds for your home, you are not just adding simple sun protection to your home, but also luxury and a lasting investment.

Markilux: A history of quality outdoor blinds

Many ancient civilisations sought ways to protect themselves from the sun’s rays at the same time attempting to remain cool when temperatures rose. These days our shading solutions have become a little more sophisticated.

Outdoor blinds have come a long way over the years, with modern advances in technology allowing for such features as in-built lighting and convenient foldable arms. Markilux have cemented their place as a leading awning manufacturer, already having over 40 years’ experience. They have a great history of using the highest quality materials in the manufacture of their awnings, creating lasting products.

Especially in Australia where we have always known warm weather and sunshine, awnings have been a part of much of our architecture for many years. Outdoor window blinds have had a long history and are a product that will be around for years to come and markilux are dedicated to providing Australian families with outdoor awnings and blinds that will stand the test of time.

Outdoor blinds and awnings: what's the difference?

When shopping for outdoor blinds it can be easy to get confused by all the different terms out there, from exterior blinds and awnings to window coverings. While these terms might have some slight differences in their style, they fall within the same category.

The term ‘window blind’ itself can include all window coverings as a broad term, but outdoor blinds and awnings are products which serve a similar purpose. They are outdoor shading solutions for your home. So when someone is looking for outdoor blinds they will be looking for some sort of awning.

While some awnings can be separate from the house and are not specifically designed to cover a window, there are plenty of awning-styles that are designed to be fitted over a window. If you are looking for shutters, that’s different to awnings or blinds, as they commonly are manufactured using wooden slats as opposed to a fabric covering, though once looking at both options you might find that one is better suited to your needs.

Markilux has a wide range of shading solutions available, that will meet all your requirements for outdoor blinds.

Different outdoor blinds types

In the world of outdoor blinds there are so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to what you should be searching for. There are numerous different styles and types of outdoor blinds, from outdoor roller blinds, plantation shutters, and external awnings. Different blind types will fit different homes, depending on the style of the architecture or even your personal style preference when it comes to choosing a look you like.

Markilux have a wide variety of outdoor blinds available. Exterior window awnings are available in a few different shapes and sizes and you can get them fitted to pretty much any window, markilux will help you to customise blinds of your choice. Square windows, triangular, big or small, markilux has you, and your window, covered. And when it comes to the material of the outdoor blinds, whether striped or block coloured, there are awnings in all different colours, with something to suit anyone’s style preference.

Two of the main window blinds markilux have available are, drop arm and straight drop.


Drop-arm external blinds allow you to extend the awning to the perfect angle to provide shade and privacy while still allowing for light and airflow. These can be retracted when not in use and can cover any window on your home.

» Drop Arm Blinds

Straight drop

Straight drop cassette awnings are perfect protection for your windows as well as providing privacy. They come with an enclosed headbox which protects the awning’s fabric when not in use. They are a great shading solution if you don’t have outdoor space but still require outdoor blinds for your home.

» Straight Drop

For other awnings, markilux have a wide range a various different styles to suit any outdoor space.

Folding arm awnings are a great outdoor shading option. They can be customised to any size and conveniently folded away when not in use.

» Folding Arm Awnings

Markilux has a range of high quality awnings for your conservatory, that can be made to fit.

» Conservatory Awnings

Pergola awnings can help you create the perfect shade for your entertaining area.

» Pergola Awnings

If you have a large outdoor area a free standing awning system can cover a large space.

» Free Standing Awnings

Benefits of outdoor blinds

As well as providing shade to cool down your home and protect from the sun’s rays, outdoor blinds provide numerous benefits that make them a highly valued addition for both you and your home.

Environmentally friendly

By adding outdoor blinds to your home, you can cut down on your use of air-conditioning in summer, as the blinds themselves will help to cool your home. The more shade you provide for your home and your family, the easier it will be to stay cool and safe from the harmful UV rays. Today, with rising energy costs and environmental considerations, it is important to maximise the ability to regulate your household’s temperature, ensuring that your living areas stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Add lasting value to your home

Outdoor blinds and awnings can add to the overall value of your home. They are aesthetically pleasing and are an increasing necessity for all homes, and the addition of outdoor blinds can mean if you choose to ever sell and move away, you can potentially get a higher price for your home.

Prevent sun damage to your home’s interior

Outdoor blinds on your windows can help to prevent any sun damage to the interior furnishing in your house, such as the fading of your furniture caused by extended exposure to sunlight.

Outdoor blinds provide privacy

Outdoor blinds can block more than just the sun. By adding outdoor blinds to your home you can also create more privacy for your family, allowing you to comfortably relax in your own home.

Location can affect your choice of outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds Brisbane will have slightly different requirements from outdoor blinds Melbourne, just because of the differences in climate, but also possibly because of the differences in the architecture.

The design of your home is a major factor in the type of outdoor shade you choose, not just because of the size of your home, but you want to be sure to make a choice that will fit with the climate requirements that might be needed. If you live somewhere that is sunny and hot a lot of the time you need blinds that will give you maximum protection from heat and UV rays, whereas if you live somewhere that get cooler than you might choose something that will keep the heat in.

Whether you are looking for outdoor blinds in Sydney or outdoor blinds in Perth, we have the information you need to narrow down your search to ensure you get the right outdoor blinds for your home.

Additionally, if you live in an older home it might not have modern cooling or heating systems, so an outdoor blind can be a good option for keeping everything cool from the outside.

Outdoor blinds could be perfect for your business as well as your home

Outdoor blinds are not just perfect for your home, but could be perfect for your business as well.

If you’re a business owner, outdoor awnings might be worth looking into as an addition to the exterior to your building. Outdoor blinds and awnings can provide your customers with shade and shelter, as well as cooling down the interior and providing relief from the sun’s glare.

Adding outdoor blinds to your business can help to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. They can become a signature feature of your business, something that will suit your brand and help to make the structure itself more memorable. With plenty of styles and colours to choose from, there will be something to suit any business.

Outdoor blinds are as necessary to Australian homes, as a hat and sunscreen is to a person in summer. They are a lifelong investment, not just for your home but for your family as well. So whether you are searching awnings or outdoor blinds, Markilux have the products you need.