Sun Shades & Awnings for balconies

To be able to make the most of the outdoors many apartment buildings have balconies to ensure the residents can make the most of the fresh air as possible. When using these balconies the sun can often become very hot making the balconies unusable during the heat of summer. The solution to this issue is to install an awning or a screen on the outside of the balcony to stop the sun while preserving the view and flow of fresh air. Markilux blinds and awnings with up to a 50 SPF for UVA and UVB protection - and which are completely made to measure in Germany to your specifications - can provide a sleek, neat solution to ensure you, your family and friends can enjoy your balcony even on the hottest days.

Patio awnings / Balcony awnings

Folding arm awnings

The first option for coverage is a folding arm awning. The incredible flexibility of modern folding arm awnings ensures they can be fitted to practically any building. The awnings can be wall mounted, top mounted to an eave, overhang, ceiling or a balcony above or can be mounted on top of the roof for even more height and added airflow. The pitch of modern awnings is set by the installer when they install the unit on-site. This allows the customer to fully optimise the angle at which the awning is set for their balcony. Pitches available range from a flat 5 degrees from the horizontal to a very steep 70 degrees. This allows you to make the most of the balcony even on days when the sun would shine into the balcony directly. Various colours can be chosen to mix and match the awning frame and the fabric to the decor either in or outside the house. If you decide to go with a flat pitch but would like extra shading from low lying evening sun a markilux invention called a shadeplus; which in essence is an adjustable valance on the front of the awning can be ordered as an extra feature when ordering your awning. A great markilux product which can have the shadeplus is the markilux 6000. This shadeplus allows you to enjoy the view during the day when the sun is high in the sky but also protects the balcony from low sun either in the morning or in the evening. For more information on folding arm awnings go to this page

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Screen awnings

Apart from horizontal awnings another option is to install a screen awning on a balcony. These can come in a number of different versions, they can be installed horizontally on an existing frame like a pergola or a wooden structure. Or they can be installed vertically on the outside of a balcony to prevent the sun from heating up the area too much. The units that are installed horizontally need an existing frame or side fixings. This limits them to certain balconies or top floor areas that have a wooden frame or pergola. External blinds can come in numerous models each in different sizes. The most popular are straight drop blinds which can be installed using guide wired, guide rods or tracks to stop the awning fabric from flapping in the wind. The guide wired version (markilux 710) is the least obtrusive and can be neatly installed while limiting the amount of frame around the blind. If the balcony is particularly windy a screen with a track is the most suitable as these can be installed with the fabric fixed into the track which limits the movement on the fabric making them ideal in high wind scenarios. The best external blind with tracfix is the markilux 776/876 as they have additional tensioning exerted on the awning fabric using a very reliable and effective belt and gas strut tensioning system. All external blinds can be fitted with translucent fabric allowing the people sitting on the balcony to look out, making the most of their views. In some cases a straight drop external blind will enclose a space too much. In these cases a drop arm awning which can drop out immediately or can initially drop down vertically and then drop out to allow for airflow and light on the balcony. To get more information on blinds please go to this page.

Protection against sun, wind and rain, that's what an awning should offer.

Apart from its functional characteristics, a sun protection system should be above all pleasing to the eye and perfectly complement the style of house. With restrained colours, chrome and stainless steel fittings, a plethora of patterned and plain fabrics and an award-winning design, a markilux awning is elevated to the level of perfect solar protection system and chic accessory to adorn both garden and house.

On top of that, optional extras cater for more comfort and more atmosphere.Whether it's the cozy warmth of the markilux heater, additional protection thanks to the shadeplus function or prolonged evenings outside by virtue of the integrated lighting - markilux awnings are made individually to order.No requirements are left unfulfilled.

Whether it's a case of awnings for patios and balconies, for windows and conservatories or for areas that need shading in the middle of the garden  - markilux offers a multitude of options for both sun and wet weather protection.

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